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Founded in 2022, Delilah Films is an independent female-led production company all about championing raw talent and voices.

We're here for the go-getters, the fire-starters, the visionaries.


Take up all the space you need - this is your world too

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Founder - Phoebe Lorenz

Phoebe Lorenz is a British-German actor, writer and producer. Having trained at ALRA she first discovered her hunger for film and writing during her collaborations with Freida Films alongside its founder Amelia O’Loughlin.

They co-wrote/produced their debut award-winning film I’m Still Ethan in 2020. It saw collaborations with Enon Films, BIFA-Winning actor Dave Johns, Mercury Prize nominee Kae Tempest and organisations such as Crest Advisory, G4S/HMP Parc and NEPACS. It's screened at festivals world-wide and recently won the Luna Award for Best Director at Islantilla Cinefórum.

Phoebe produced Amelia O' Loughlin's film Billie alongside Ambanja Films in 2021 and was an integral part of the team. 


Spiked, saw her co-collaborate with BBC New Creative Emma Zadow and Northern Fortress Films, has been selected for numerous BIFA-qualifying festivals. 

See The Mother, is her latest producing work for its co-creators Frank Berry and Matthew Bates, whose previously project, Glaciers, was BFI-funded.  

Image copyright: YellowBelly 


Associated with treacherous and voluptuous women, Delilah first appeared in the Old Testament as Samson's Philistine lover. The secret to his great strength was highly prized and Delilah was the woman tasked with unveiling it. Goading him until he confided it was his beautiful hair, she cut it off in his sleep before handing him over to his enemies. 

In religious texts the story of Delilah and Samson was synonymous with proving why outsiders were not to be trusted. At Delilah Films, we're reclaiming this delicate name and all it encompasses.  Be the outsider, be the bold woman, take the lead, all are welcome at the table. 


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